Saturday, January 21, 2012

he turned 7. in October.

...and I slacked on taking his birthday photos this past year. It was just a super busy time for us. Seven days before we moved kinda busy. Then I just kept forgetting.

Until today.

Mr. Snaggletooth. He's a handsome little boy. I didn't realize how much he's grown up this year til I saw these photos. Yes, he's also in the awkward random teeth missing, random teeth growing in stage, but I so love it.

My seven year old, Kanyon Ryker.


He loves the drums. He doesn't love to read. He likes doing school only sometimes. He loves the math part. He desperately wants to play sports. He has a big heart. A big imagination. A big love for his brothers. A big way of living life. He's the loud one. He loves all things Spiderman. He's sweet. And he's so much more.

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