Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my sill

After years and years and years. and years and years. in fact, since I moved out of my Mom's house after high school, I finally, oh finally have a cute little window over my kitchen sink again.


It overlooks a tiny part of the back yard. And thanks to a privacy fence, I just leave the curtains there open all the time. The cute little curtains actually came with the house, and once I [someday] finish painting in there, I'll have to change them out. The red walls will clash. Besides, I'm thinking a Roman shade might do better.

So I love when things can sit in window sills. I've had stuff there since the day we moved in. It started out as just a soap dispenser, the one on the left, that I painted.

And from there...
...you get...

-that first soap dispenser, which has a broken pump.
-nail scrubber. because with a baby that explodes out of every diaper, well... it's just necessary.
-a soap/lotion dispenser set that I ordered on clearance just to be able to get a bigger discount on my crockpot.
-a rose in a dirty jar that the husband brought home from a video shoot he did. (he brought the rose, not the dirty jar). also in there is a tree limb the boys gave me.
-then there's the science experiment that will take a million years to complete. so it sits there.
-Jo's Christmas stocking toothpaste and brush. as the lazy mom, it's easier to take care of teeth duty in the kitchen.
-trinket dish that holds my most worn rings.
-glass cup that holds B's tooth and gum scrubber and toothpaste.

Once I put this photo on my computer, I realized how gross the window itself is. I just wiped down the sill not that long ago, but it's much harder to reach that window as a short, pregnant person. It's like the top of the oven hood, I always forget it because I can't see it. True story.

So that's my sill. My sweet cute lil' sill that I adore. Cluttered beyond what I hoped. But soon the flower will die, the jar will move on. The science experiment will [eventually] end. And the second soap dispenser will run out. And once again, there will be a sill there that has some space.

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  1. I think of my kitchen window ledge as a clutter collector, but really, it's bits and pieces of my life. Thanks for pointing that out!


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