Monday, January 16, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 01/15/12

Finally sitting down to finish up this post. Finally. I'm glad to be participating again. Whoop!

1. stacked up
{my littles are finally back in cloth after switching back to a top loader. sweet bliss.}

2. winter wonderland
 {my back yard. the day we had a record snow. in west texas. wild.}

3. sweet
{bed time is my favorite time with him, it's the sweetest part of my day, 
not because it's bed time, but because of how precious our conversations are.}

4. hole

5. frozen
{I was stuck. so I just picked this one, also from our snow day.}

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  1. Beautifully done - stacked looks like art and I love hole!

  2. I love the hole shot. Very cool :)

  3. as much as I do laundry, I'm surprised I didn't think of the dryer for the "hole". Nice interpretations. (and you've beat us in western WV in snow accumulation so far this year - weird right?)

  4. I love the laundry picture ~ both of them! Great pictures!

  5. These are great picks for the topics. I love the dryer as I never thought of it as a hole but either the washer or the dryer have become a black hole for some of our socks :-). thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  6. Love these shots :)
    And hooray to be back in biz with the cloth dipes! ;)

  7. Can you not do cloth diapers in a top loader?

  8. Top loaders work so much better for diapers. I had a front loader for awhile, but the water is so low (and it's hard to add more water with a bucket), that my diapers just were not getting clean enough. The ammonia smell was so bad and burning the babies. We just switched back to a top loader. It's still HE, but I can now pause the load, add more water, and let them soak. Hard water is also killer on diapers, but at least now I can use them again with out the ammonia burns :)

  9. I really like your "hole" shot. Love the dark/light contrast.


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