Tuesday, January 10, 2012

superman. or falling.

Life just gets so crazy sometimes. And at the moment, I don't mean busy.

Life is crazy for me because I am tired. It's that simple. Or it's not, but just go with me here.

The house is falling apart. Or it's not and I'm exaggerating. But it has been dadgum messy.

Crazy messy. I'm talking' insanely piled up dishes. Insanely piled up laundry. Crumbs on the floor from last week. Dried up orange peel that Jo decided should be in the floor instead of the trash is hiding under the table. Toys and shoes and socks and jackets and toys strewn. Then there are the toys. Oh I mentioned those already? Add books to that list, too.

I'll just say it. Dirty. It's a dirty mess.

I'm tired. And I have four kids. A husband. Two dogs. And a cat, who is less maintenance than anyone else in this house. Bless her. Oh, also, I'm 15 weeks pregnant. T.I.R.E.D. Add allll that to the not sleeping at night. Not at all. So maybe things have been let go.

Sadly, it's not because I'm just "enjoying the moments with my kids." No, that would be a perfect world. It's because, oh well you know already.

I started tackling tasks this week. Starting with the dishes. Figured I better get off my rear at some point. I've already gained a million pounds. (so it seems).

Then I got to the baby's room. It's looked like this for weeks now.
Also, is Jonyn pretending to be Superman, or is he about to face plant into a pile of junk toys. I can't decide.

Anyways, I got it to this, only by making the bigs keep the littles O.U.T. out. Probably shoulda brightened that photo up a bit. Eh, oh well, it doesn't matter. The point is, it's been getting picked up daily since this happened...
...a whole three days ago. Progress, people, progress.

When B wakes up, he plays with his massive choice of toys. That's how you know he's awake. That and the irresistible chatter. It's too bad the big kid's screaming and running isn't as irresistible. No, that's just loud and annoying at 7am. or earlier on some occasions.

*sigh* I love a clean room. Especially since it happens once every two point eight months. or something.

p.s. Jo has his own little corner over there of trucks and planes and helicopters. It's his own little heaven.

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