Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 02.17.12

1. Now that I'm all kinds of knocked up, my hair has stopped falling out. I like that it's nice and thick now and growing like mad. What I don't like is a) the time it takes to get all the soap out and b) the time it takes to blow dry it. That is, when I actually wash it and don't put gunk into it to make it stay wavy-ish.

2. Valentine's Day came and went. I used to love the holiday. This year... meh. We cooked steaks. And Toby and I watched a movie.

3.My mom and her Bruce are coming down tomorrow to bring us a table that used to belong to my Nanny. It's huge and gorgeous! I can't wait to see them. Something about hugging my mom and smelling her hair always provides comfort and lessens my stress.

4. I am absolutely kicking myself for forgetting that Lightroom 3 was on sale for $69 on Wednesday til midnight. I decided not to get it right away and think on it. Then forgot about it until 11:15 Wednesday night after I was almost asleep and in too much pain to get up and purchase it. kicking myself. What a deal. Now I know that if it goes that low again, I will not hesitate.

5. Remember when I thought my trampy cat was pregnant just after birthing her kittens last year? Turns out she wasn't, she just put on a lot of weight quickly or something. So she's pregnant now, and looks like her belly is going to bust open. She's so huge.And she looks totally uncomfortable. And I can totally relate.

6. also, according to Jonyn, her name is officially Mommy Cat. It is all he calls her. I, on the other hand, have all kinds of names for her. keekee, tramp, hussie, baby girl, bertha, cat, kee-cat, momma cat. the list goes on. Is it strange to not officially name your pet that invaded your home over a year ago? Just wondering...
 {Jo, watching a movie, on his belly, on my unkempt bed}

7. Sallie, our basset/beagle is going to live with my in-laws. I can't handle her neediness anymore. She seems depressed because she doesn't get all the attention her poor little self requires. I just don't have the time or patience to love on her like she wants. Also, when we don't love on her enough she takes it out on our carpet. Seriously, she will pee in the floor out of spite if she's not getting the attention she thinks she needs. We tested this thought. And I'm tired of my house getting peed in. So off to the country she goes. Where she will love it.

8. Our weather here has been classic Texas. Tuesday: snow. Wednesday: Lower 70's, open windows. Thursday: lower 40's with a ten minute rain.

9. I will be taking all four kids with my largely pregnant self to The Wal-Marks today. I will ignore all the nasty and 'you're crazy' looks and try to smile through all the dumb stupid comments and questions.

10. We have to go the dreaded place because we're having a family night. Homemade pizza and then whatever else the kids wanna do. Plus, I gotta get some stuff for when my Mom is here. But tonight should be fun. Tomorrow should be so happy, too, with family here.

Hope your weekend is lovely, friends.

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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