Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's Top Ten

1. This day has been awesome. Days like this are so few and far between that I'm trying really hard to enjoy it.

2. I was in bed fairly early last night reading and started dozing, so I closed the iPad and let sleep take me. At some point Toby came to bed. I vaguely remember that. I know I turned over several times in my sleep but I never really woke completely up. Then, Toby is kissing me and saying he's leaving for work. I never even knew it was morning or that he climbed out of bed and got ready. That's how asleep I was. Maybe it was because of the extra firm pillow I picked up at the store yesterday for my achy knees. Who knows. Either way, it was a glorious night after months and months of not sleeping.
 ( but I love him in this)

3. Confession: I never climb out of bed before 9am. Call me lazy, or call me this-pregnancy-is-taking-a-toll-on-me. Sheesh. I thought number 4 was hard. Now I'm almost 30 and geez, So. Because of #2 above, I was up by 8:30 when Toby left for work. And that is a very very rare thing these days.

4. I totally plucked a gray hair from my two year old's head a little bit ago. No joke. And it was looong. I laughed. Maybe he's been stressed from all the playing and talking.

5. We finished school before lunch today. Another small miracle. And I sent the boys to play outside. I thought I'd have a quiet house for a bit before they got bored. No, they're back in after less than 10 minutes. Gah, we need some outside play toys.

6. We're potty training, in case you've missed that on my FB or instagram. It is going so great. About one accident a day since we started 4 days ago. Yes, in my experience, that's amazing. And it's mostly because I totally forgot to ask him if he needed to go. Because I might have forgot we were all learning the potty and stuff. Because maybe I get distracted easily.
7. I'm still looking for the perfect cupcake recipe. I found the perfect cookie recipe, yes I did. So I tried a chocolate cupcake recipe last night, it was eggless and butterless. They are more like brownies. Tasty, but not cupcake-y. And the chocolate buttercream icing I tried, not so buttercream-y. Although I did find the perfect vanilla buttercream icing recipe. The hunt is so on.

 (okay, so they actually made the cupcakes)

8. I just sold my first print to a stranger on Etsy. The first one was to a friend. Which still made me uber excited.
 (it was this one that I just sold. happy dance.)

9. I mentioned before that I was reading One Thousand Gifts. I've pretty much been telling every one to read it. She is very wordy and flowery, but in the midst of all that, it is amazing. Also, the cover of the book is so pretty, it makes it hard to resist. You should read it, too.

10. Taylan (and Toby) got new glasses. We ordered from, spent about $90 for four pair. Love their prices. They both love their new specs. Taylan's favorite color is green, so we let him get a green pair. His other pair is very similar in shape, but mostly black. They look amazing on him, but of course, when you're 8 and have a favorite color, you always go with it. Glasses, cups, pencils, crayons, notebooks. You always pick your color. It's a rule or something.
(no, they're not crooked, it's the angle. and geez he's a good lookin' boy)

It's Friday Friday...

Have a lovely weekend. Praying mine keeps up the forward motion and stays amazing.

p.s. I just came across this. It made me happy. I agree :)


  1. So happy you had a great day :D
    I always love to look at all the photos you include with your posts. :)

  2. I've been meaning to read One Thousand Gifts, too. My mom just finished it. I just don't want to add another book to the stack that torments me because I never get around to actually reading them. *sigh*


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