Tuesday, February 14, 2012

it's almost 2am

and I totally couldn't sleep.

So I laid there for a while. Thoughts racing. Then I decided to get up.

I have been wanting to make a printable for the boys for a while now for their morning and night time routines. They kind of have a hard time remembering every thing they're supposed to do. And I really want them to form good habits now while they're still youngsters.

I'm sure there's some routine printables out there somewhere (I didn't even search for one), but I wanted something visually appealing and something that matched their room. I also wanted something that would work for both of them.

So I opened up Photoshop, went to The Coffeeshop Blog to find some cute digital papers and little cutouts and such. I went to work and came up with this.

The plan is to put it in an 8x10 frame, painted to match, and let them use dry erase markers to check it off each day. Now that idea is not a new one, I know. But I like the idea, it's so doable, and they love to check things off.

I LOVE how this turned out. I never know what's gonna happen when I try to make something from nothing. Usually it doesn't work out so well. I stink at design and such, but this is so simply made, nothing very fancy pants about it. And like I said, they will like the check marking. Yes they will!

It's cute, huh? Maybe I'll go lay back down now and maybe tomorrow I'll work on their night time routine one.

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  1. great job! we just made Andrew a check list too! check lists are fun!


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