Monday, February 13, 2012

let's chat

So hey. How's it goin?

So tell me, why is it that my 16 month old toddler will sit quietly and happily in Daddy's lap no matter where they are sitting. But in my lap, he squirms and reaches for stuff  and wiggles until I think he wants down, but really he doesn't so he just throws a fit until I put him back in my lap to not be still again. I don't get it.

Also, Toby took some extra days off this weekend. He mostly had a bunch of school work to get done. But in between, he managed to hang two ceiling fans (living and dining rooms) (and also, they actually function! whoop!), and a new over the sink light fixture, and a new over the bar light fixture. I was pretty thankful my dear husband did all that. Our house looks a hundred times better and more modern.

The old fans were the exact same style fans I grew up with as a kid. And the bar light was the exact same style light as when we lived in old base housing early in our marriage, like just before kids. It was all a little strange.

Anyhow, in this town it seems popular to have a privacy fence, with a chain link dog run inside of it. And at some point, someone before us took out all the chain link and left the poles in the ground. So he pulled all those up this weekend, too. What a great guy I have. No more oddly placed poles in our yard.

We even managed to squeeze in a couple of movies after the kidlets went to bed. I might have fallen asleep during one.

I also might have made a last minute decision to get more than one kind of ice cream before the weekend due to a constant craving I might have had. And I might have eaten too much of that ice cream over the weekend, too. I'm not saying I did, just that I might have.

Also, my boy who turns three next month is basically potty trained. That only took a little over a week. I waited til he was ready, his bladder was developed, and he could talk and understand. And it was way more painless than starting too early like I did with the older two.
{my littles watching it snow for the fifth time this season. in west texas.
that's nuts. also, Jo wears his big boys all day now.}

Brennen can climb up into the dining room chairs now, so I took his booster seat down when he started climbing into empty chairs wanting to eat from there. I even gave him a real plate. I mean, why wait? Less I have to wipe down after meals. Also, he finds it fun to then climb onto the table and run back and forth. Why must all my children be so fearless?

Apparently, I am feeling rather chatty tonight.

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  1. So how many times did the kids whack their heads on the poles? ;)

    Sounds like TONS of progress Brooke. Such a happy post. And you were so smart to wait to potty train until he was ready. It was a year long process with our Bean. I wish we had just waited... she wanted to at 18 months but wasn't physically ready.


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