Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 02/18

Yes, it's so Tuesday, and I'm so last minute. My apologies. Part of that was knowing what I wanted to do for number 2, but having to wait til everyone was awake and all that. Plus with Sunday's being three services and I help in the nursery during the evening service, I just couldn't get all my stuff together. Excuses, excuses...

Anyways, here are my interpretations. Maybe next week I'll be more on top of things. maybe.

1. love
This one feels a little lame to me. It's just a book I have, among many, on my shelf.
But I do kinda like how Jesus is just above Love.

2. duplicated
One boy after another! Wonder what boy 5 will look like.

3. trending
Currently "trending" in our house... all things "copta-hello" and "ehpane" related.
He's seriously watching a show about how helicopters work here.
he's two. and way into it.

4. paper
 Two things that make me all kinds of giddy:
my fifth boy's sonogram.
and my super awesome clearance paper goods find at Target. 
I think I need more. This stuff is awesome for next school year and at least half price.
Yes, there are a few things in there for my notebook addicted self, too.

5. plastic
This is the only small basket of toys (currently empty) I allow in the living room. 
And it stays hidden in the end table unless they're actually playing.

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  1. I love your duplicated shot! It's perfect!! :)

  2. YAY for sonogram shots - they make me happy too and I can't wait for my next one. I really love all your boys lined up together.

  3. New iPad? I don't see a smashed top on it. ;)

    I see your items got picked for next week! That may just be the excuse I need to play along.

  4. Love your duplicated! 5 boys! What a great adventure! I always love the first pictures of my babies!


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