Thursday, February 16, 2012

toddlers vs. mom

I used to be great at just blogging and writing about my days. And it's probably boring to some. But I enjoyed it. I got it all out there and then felt better.
Today has been a day I need to get off my chest. Sheesh. Usually Toby comes home on lunch and I get a tiny break where I might not have to get on to the kids for an hour, or he gets to change a diaper or I can have grown up conversations or sit in front of the t.v. for 45 minutes. Today, he did not come home.

I'm needing some girl time. I really miss that since moving. Like, really.

Anyways, so today... I feel like all I've done today, until about an hour ago when baby went down for a nap, is battle, and fight, and fend off toddlers. Brennen can climb on to the table and takes every opportunity that he gets to do so. Today he smashed my iPad into my pizza while I made math copies for the boys. It only took him about 30 seconds to accomplish that. Maybe it's my fault for leaving it all on the table. Good thing I hadn't opened my can of Ginger Ale, that likely would have been spilled.

Here's another one for you... Jo was just in his big boys. They're about a size too big. And he apparently has a slightly upset stomach today. I'll sum up by saying he apparently pooed just a tiny bit and B was painting the floor with it. With his fingers. Um yeah. My day has been glamorous. I caught on to what was happening before it got too bad though, thankfully.

It has just been a day where I'm, once again, surprised I still have all my hair. ya know?

On the other hand, school today was great. We're several days behind, but working on catching up. And I have been taking time here and there to make copies for the rest of the year. Hopefully none of it will be a waste. If it turns out not to be, I may make all my copies at once before the next school year begins. We'll see. I will have a new baby by then so I may change my mind.

Also, my sleeping seems to have stabilized and my energy levels have come up just a little. Apparently it took me getting to the half way point with this baby to feel normal again. SO, I've been doing more around the house. But my body is paying for it painfully. I love carrying a baby, but I despise the terrible aches and pains doing too much causes me.

To sum up, I will be glad to see my pillow tonight.

The end.

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  1. Oh yes, those glamorous moments. Mommyhood is such a fabulous job sometimes. ;)


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