Monday, February 6, 2012

who's that girl?

oh. it's just me.

I've been known to take photos of the fam with missing heads. or hands. or limbs. you know, just generally leaving out body parts. I thought I would do that with me.

I sorta dig the results. This is totally a selfie saturated post. (oh how I love my remote).

I have a few bad habits.
a) I never know which of my photos to submit into contests or into certain groups in the Flickr pools. Seems I always pick the wrong one.
b) When there is a contest/theme on photo blogs, and I don't have a photo for it, I always snap one the next day or a few days later that would have been perfect to enter.
c) I have no control. I post too many photos. So, here is me. a lot of me.

 {oh, hi there baby [19+wks]}

 {^the classic arm's length photo}


  1. Loving everyone of those pictures! You're simply gorgeous, darling!

  2. I adore your selfies. They're so honest. I suck at arm's length... maybe I should work on that! (or do I need a wider lens?)

  3. Your belly is beautiful! I'm 16 weeks pregnant and am showing just as much as I was when I was 16 weeks pregnant with twins. Yay me! (insert sarcasm)

    And all these shots seem so true, like Jess said, honest.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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