Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 03.09.12

1. Um, it's so cold outside. But we've got a fire going in our fireplace. It keeps the front part of the house warm at least.

2. I'm so cranky with the kids lately. Especially during school. And with Jo's constant need to take things away from Brennen lately. It's getting pretty old.

3. At some point, my toddler became a preschooler. I looked over at him a couple of weeks ago and he was suddenly big and a kid and not so much a toddler anymore.

4. We had a late dinner last night because we were so out of food and I had to make a store run after Toby and the boys got back from ice skating. (remember we only have one vehicular). We had french toast, bacon, sausage, eggs, and a delicious homemade syrup. Next time, I think I will try one with out the corn syrup and see how it goes. And also, I used about 5 drops of each (see linked recipe) since I like a richer syrup. And hey, this was super easy.

5. The day after Momma Cat had her babies, everyone was curious and wanted to see them. There are so many toms (and cats in general) in this neighborhood so we have a variety of colors this time. The boys are already trying to name them, Brennen just wants to "pet" them (read: smack them lovingly). And Missy, she is just acting protective of them and Momma Cat.

6. It's been a lot different around her since we sent our Basset/Beagle to live with my in-laws. She is loving it up there! I am loving it with her there, the house is less chaotic, and a lot quieter. No more spiteful pee to clean up.

7. My baby who has been struggling with allergies like mad the past couple of weeks is finally looking a little less puffy face. And I'm glad, the eye goop was getting a little out of hand. My poor dude.
{taken several days ago}

8. I'm tired of being pregnant. I really am. Five times. In a 10 year span. My body feels so old. So old. I'm ready for this kid to be born. I'm ready for the newborn phase. Even with all the sleepless nights, I still always feel so much better during the newborn days than I do during the pregnant phase.

9. And I'll fully admit that I am not enjoying this one as much as the other ones at all. This little surprise is kicking my butt. I would like to enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I love the kicking and squirming. That's fun, except when he kicks my full bladder. I am just not loving it this go around. I hate that, too. But it is what it is, I guess. And p.s. braxton-hicks started about a month ago, so I'm really really not looking forward to the last tri.

10. I'm ready for this school year to be over. Pregnancy changed our year around plans, so we haven't been taking breaks like before. So I'm just getting a little worn down. A few more months and we'll be into summer and newborn bliss. I am so praying the postpartum crappy part stays away this time.

Enjoy your Friday, friends.

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