Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 03/04


I'll admit it. I love actions for Photoshop. I usually adjust them and whatnot. But I really miss my sizing actions. And my fonts. And a hard drive going to crap kinda has me starting from scratch.

Not to worry though. It was my main drive that went kaput. My images and everything photography related are on a different not so broken drive. It's just taking some time to access everything.

I'm super thankful for 1) the fact that I kept nothing important on my main drive and 2) a super computer savvy husband.

And now on to the hunt.

1. routine
I've already shared this image, but I love it so much.
Baby's bath in the sink is our nightly routine.
feb. 28

2. music
Showing some Pandora love.
Today it's Lifehouse Radio.

3. technology
I made the (slightly painful) switch. I already miss my CF card slot.
I mean you'd think with all it's photog friendly goodness (so they say) it would have one, right?
Also, anybody know if you're supposed to calibrate these monitors?
4. show me your style
My first thought was that my day to day style is pj pants and a tee
and that wouldn't really photograph well. 
So then it dawned on me that there are so many types of styles... 
clothing, makeup, cooking, photography, art, parenting.
And that's what I went with. 
Part of my parenting style is baby wearing. 
Especially when there is a sick cranky toddler and stuff to be done.
On the back he goes and magically the needy crying stops.
It's a beautiful thing.

5. mismatch
He likes to dress himself.
Little brothers jeans (that won't zip).
Big brother's belt backwards and undone.
Big brother's spiderman snow boots.
Superman cape.

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  1. oh, wow! i must have been on your blog before, because as soon as i saw that first shot, i thought.... "where have i seen that before?"

    but even though i saw it once before, it still stopped me in my tracks and made me gasp... amazing! such beautiful light. what a treasure of a photo to have. glad you posted again! i came over via the link-up, as you linked up just a couple slots before me.

  2. oh.. maybe it was babywearing blogger that led me here in the past... i just saw the button below when i went to follow your blog. now i've off to look at your etsy shop!

  3. That first image is totally worth sharing again - I heart it. And sorry you lost so much. Thank goodness for your husband and the external harddrive.

  4. Great photos this week! Such a cute little one. Love his style :)

  5. Babywearing was the perfect idea for "your style", and I won't even say again how much I'm in love with that first photo... 'cause you already know. ;)

    And yeah, from what I've heard you need to calibrate that bad boy.

  6. Your routine shot is so sweet. No wonder you want to share it again.

    I took a picture of an apple for my technology shot, but then I edited it like crazy. I like yours just the way it is.

  7. Your routine shot is so dear, as is your style - but I have to confess, the mismatch superman with snow boots is my favorite.

  8. The routine photo is fabulous. So good to have.


  9. Great set, love your perspective on "routine" and "style", "mismatched" is so adorable!

  10. wow - your routine photo is amazing! so adorable and dramatic.... beautiful!!! (thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on mine as well - might have missed this shot if you hadn't!)


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