Sunday, March 11, 2012

ten on ten. march 2012

My day was pretty boring and regular, just a warning. All month long, I have been reminding myself to capture my whole day once the 10th rolled around. Then of course, the day of I forgot til late morning. And plus, I deleted the first photo I took off my camera. sigh.

just some jumping around on the bed. you know.

after lunch snack. yogurt and berries. plus movie time with my love.

snuggling with daddy just before heading for a nap.

my craving lately. trying to limit myself to one a day. this was my second, but it lasted through dinner time.

"Ma, iss Bennen's pents." yes, thank you Jonyn.

starting an easy, from the box, dinner. it's good to have backup food for when you run out of real food.

...then there's the clean up.
*why do I love dishwasher shots so much?

folding a load of laundry.

hot shower. I actually enjoyed it, as in just stayed in there letting my skin soak up the hot water, letting my hair get conditioned. I ran the hot water out. I never ever take long or hot showers. force of habit to get in, soap up, and hop out.

late night snack. raisin bran crunch. and movie number two with my deary.

see? just an ordinary uneventful saturday the tenth.

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