Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 04.20.12

1. It is really. really. quiet in here this very moment. It's a little eerie considering all the spawns are home with me right now. The littles are playing together sweetly outside, um, together. The bigs are each doing school work on their own. Without complaining. This is new. As of late, we've had "it's too hard" and "it's too much" going on. But for the moment, here they sit, doing work quietly.

 {kitten in the water bowl}
2. I brought my craft table out of the big kids room and into the dining room to use for school. I was curious if that would help us with some of our daily struggles. I even got a little lamp for it since there is no light over there. It's actually a space I was waiting to fill with some kind of pretty chest of drawers or something. But this works too. And it seems to be helping the kids get their work done better.
3. I am hanging diapers out on the line today. I love that it's warm enough. I love how they float in the breeze. I love the colorful. I love that sunshine-y smell when they're dry. And I love the stain removing power of the amazing sun.
 {snuggled close}
4. I'm 30 weeks and 1 day. Crazy that we're now into the 30s. In some ways, this pregnancy seems like it's dragging. Yet in others, it is flying. I'm praying these next 10ish weeks fly by. Also praying to get this baby born by July 3rd.
 {rough night}
5. Taylan. That kid. He reads. and reads. and reads. and reads. all the time. I am truly hoping he never grows out of love for the written word. He's so special. I love him.
6. Brennen is starting to talk. This is a drastic change from Jonyn, who wouldn't talk til he was 2 1/2. B is almost 19 months old. Uh oh is his current favorite. And ball. He says that a lot. Bye Bye, night night. WEE!! Woohoo! There's more. It's cute. And ps, he likes to blow raspberries on my bare belly. Funniest thing ever.
7. I finally got around to cleaning the bathrooms for the week. Took me long enough, but it's done. I cheated, though. Normally I make my own solutions, but got lazy and bought some at the store last night. I'll say that I'm pretty impressed with Seventh Generations cleaner. It worked so well. I debated between getting that and the Mrs. Meyers stuff. In the end, the less costly one won out.
{jo wore snow boots out only to kick them off}
8. I so wish we had a nice lush lawn for the kids to play on. But when you can only water one time a week for two hours, it just ain't gonna happen. Boo. Maybe someday when we live a little further out of Texas we can make that dream come true.
9. We've started letting Brennen hop in the shower with the other kids. Usually the big kids take separate showers and Jonyn gets in there with whoever goes first that night. We've added B in there, too. My job just got a bit easier in the evenings. Pretty glad about that.
10. Toby and I might actually get to go on a weekend getaway next month. We're going to OK for our niece's graduation. After, I think we're gonna take a drive up to Tulsa. without kids. That's happened once in our nearly 9 years of growing kids. I need the recharging that will allow. I look forward to the break. We've had a few date nights here and there since moving, but I am needing to be someone other than Mom for just a few short days. I've needed it for awhile. And I can't wait.

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