Friday, April 6, 2012


I'm not the fun mom. I'm just not. I try to be. sometimes. But I'm not. I'm trying. Really, I am.

Tonight it was getting close to the boys bedtime. We still hadn't had dinner. Dad has been working late everyday this week prepping for this Sunday's services. Holidays are busy busy times for him. And the boys and I usually don't really cook when he's not going to be here. So, we loaded up and headed out to grab some grub, since I actually have the car tonight. It's a rare occasion when that happens.

After we ate, I put Brennen down. Homeboy can't hardly make it past eight. It's a beautiful thing, really. I told the boys to get their skates and scooter and we headed out front to get our rollin' on.

I sat and enjoyed the breeze, the quiet of the evening, the sounds of the boys playing, the single star in the sky, the sun's light nearly gone.

I thought to myself I should do that more often, just sit outside when it's cool enough.

We have finished up another week of school around here. All of our next year's curriculum is here. I'm excited to have it. And since I had the car today, we took the drive to the next town to hit up Mardel to get a few pre-k things for Jonyn. I met a very sweet lady who has homeschooled for the past 27 years, her kids and now her nieces. We chatted for a bit. It was nice, she even gave me her number, just in case I ever wanted to just talk or if I ever needed anything. It was so sweet.

The boys are almost always so well behaved when we go out. It amazes me really. Especially after seeing some of the little back-talking, yelling-at-their-parents'-faces kids a few years younger than mine in the store.

And because they were so awesome, we also hit up Target for some shorts for the older two. They just keep on growin', don't they? The good news about having five children of the same sex is that after you get clothes for the older boys, the younger ones are always set.

I am a Mom of five boys. How is that even possible? I need to lighten up and be more fun. Or rather, let them have more fun.

Love those kids.

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