Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a morning in this life

And so I climb out of bed a little too late, walk to the bathroom and throw my hair in a messy ponytail. Lean in to look at the left over make up from last night. A shower will just have to wait today.

I walk to the closet and grab my slouchy pants, a wireless comfy bra, slipper socks, and an over-sized shirt. because I know the giant shirt will stay down over my giant belly. I'm tired from yesterday, an overly emotional day. It hits me more and more the closer this baby gets to being born that I won't ever have a daughter. Yesterday was just one of those days where the tears wouldn't stop no matter how hard I tried. So today my eyes feel puffy and my body feels tired.

We sit to start school. An hour late.,... again. but I guess it's not such a big deal as we near the end of our first year homeschooling. Science will end this week. And most days we finish up before lunch anyhow.

Preschooler opens the back door. He and toddler start playing outside in underwear and diaper. Momma Cat lays lazily in the door light nursing her three remaining kittens. I'm ready for that nursing stage with my own little peanut. Newborn Stage gives my body it's energy back, I'm ready for that. Just about nine weeks til my due date. I know I'll go over though, so I'm counting it as about 11 weeks. just to keep me sane when the due date comes and goes.

The three year old preschooler has somehow attached a toy belt to our big-o dog's collar and is leading her around. The toddler just observes, takes it all in. I wonder when he'll try the same thing. It's just a matter of time I'm sure. always is.

I light a candle from Hobby Lobby that smells so delicious I want to burn it all day. but I won't. because I also want to burn it for days to come.

My husband so generously brings me lunch with the giant drink I've been craving for days now. I sit on the couch and watch some t.v. with plans to get up and do a little cleaning after my lunch settles a bit and I've put the baby toddler down for his nap.

I'm so tired, but this day, it's already better than yesterday, and I can be so thankful for that simple truth.

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