Wednesday, May 2, 2012

apparently it's only wednesday. and THE name.

...totally thought it was Thursday. Which is why I wrote alll about being 32 weeks today. Even though, that's tomorrow's news.

So hey. I do have some other news though.

We decided a for sure name for this little baby. Lil' G is officially named. Daddy finally said tonight that he agrees that it's the name. Hooray! And dude, it's so about time.

I'm so glad. I'm so in love with what we have picked out. It fits our family and it so goes with all my other boyseses names. p.s. it's still hard to believe sometimes that there will be five of them. Can you imagine how smelly my house will be in a few years?! I'm a little nervous about that. Oh and about the eating habits of these boys once they really start to grow, too.

Anyways, our baby, our precious number five who I am so anxious to meet, who my Mom actually suggested the first name, I just spelled it how I liked it, he will be called

Greyson Parker Chambers.

p.s. our other boys' names are Taylan, Kanyon, Jonyn, Brennen. just so ya know :)


  1. Ohh, I love it! I love all the names that you guys have chosen, but for some reason I'm loving this one even more. :)

  2. i love that name! good job! can't wait to see new born pics of him!


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