Tuesday, May 29, 2012

better today

Being sick is absolutely no fun. Being sick while 35 1/2 weeks largely pregnant is even less fun. I'm pretty sure I just had (and still kind of have) a head cold. My sinuses hurt which made my whole face hurt. So. bad. At some point I had some fever which made my skin crawl.

So yesterday morning we cleaned out the garage real good. I was feeling kind of okay at that point. Then it just hit me. I felt horrible. My face, gah, it just hurt. So then I spent the rest of the day laid up in bed. Thankfully I have an amazing husband and father of my children. He took all four boys to a cookout we were all supposed to go to so I could be miserable without the chaos. He's a great man. I love him.

I took some children's benedryl at bedtime. Because there was no grown up benedryl in the house. That was trippy every time I had to get up to go pee, which is 4-5 times a night these days. Man was my world off balance and spinning every time I got up. But when I was asleep, I was so out. That was nice.

I took some tylenol at about 4am when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. That helped with the face pain issue. I spent a lot of today in bed, too. We even ordered in some deli food for lunch so I could have some real chicken noodle soup and a half a sandwich. Oh my word, it was so worth the splurge. My belly enjoyed it and it wasn't so heavy that I felt worse. Cause, you know, you don't always feel like eating when you're sick. I sure didn't, but being so pregnant, my body must have food. of sustenance. at regular intervals. I so would have ordered it again for dinner, but didn't want to spend the money again. One splurge a day is more than enough.

Tonight I feel better, my face hurts way less. My sinuses are still bothering me, but I can breathe some and I'm not sneezing every 10 minutes. And hey, no fever, that's such a bonus. These past couple of days could have been way worse, so I'm so very thankful the sickness hasn't been worse than what it is.

Now, I'm just hoping my snotty nose toddler isn't going to get any worse. His poor sweet nose is running like crazy lately. But the cute thing is that he can now blow his nose. Not only does it make me smile, but he is so very proud of himself when he blows his cute lil' nose, even though nothing really comes out.

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