Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 05.04.2012

1. May The Fourth Be With You.
um yeah... we kinda love Star Wars around here.

2. Yesterday was not so great. I really wanted to run away. Really really far away. I was mean and blew up and then wanted to take it all back. This wee baby, this pregnancy is making me some kind of evil. I am ready for it to be d.o.n.e.

3. p.s. 8 more weeks.

4. Hubby has been using my Canon as a video camera for shoots he does for work (our church), and his idea for his next video involves using a macro lens. So we got me one, for him to use occasionally. It's been a challenge learning to use it. But I did manage a few shots. It'll be fun to play with once I have some extra time to play some more. I'm especially excited to use it on Baby Greyson and all his sweet features. Also, for the record, I love Tamron.

5. I'm also pretty certain that I will be diving back into the photography business, with some price restructuring, once Lil' G is a bit older. I'm pretty certain I want to do both births and seniors. Two opposite spectrums, I know, but they both are what gets me excited about photography the most.

6. As of today we have three kittens left. As of tomorrow, we will have no kittens left. Oh yay! The three will become barn cats, and some of their barn cat counterparts will actually be the last two kittens Momma Cat had. And then, we are going to have our little tramp nice and fixed, unable to have any more babies.

7. This school year is al.most.done. So glad.

8. I wake up every morning telling myself to be loving and kind. kind and loving. every morning. somedays are failures (um yesterday), in fact most days are. but I'm trying.

9. B woke up this morning with the smelliest bedroom ever. And poo caked on to his booty. That's always fun.

10. I feel like I wanna get some stuff done around here, but the energy is so lacking, that I often will choose to nap or lay down instead. Such is life as I enter the 8th month of pregnancy.

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