Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lil' G + milestones

Lil' G (oh, that's what I'm nicknaming the baby til Daddy makes the official decision on the name).
{hubby has my camera at work today to shoot some video, 
so an iphone photo is what you get today. 
and hey look, no makeup.}

So Lil' G and me, we are both growing. Not only do I feel huge, but I am huge. I lost 2 pounds during my last midwife visit. Which isn't a big deal for a girl who is already big. But the baby, now I can tell he's growing every day, he's getting mighty uncomfortable in there. And he sits soooo looooow. Which makes for an uncomfortable bladder situation. Not to mention, I am a showty and have a short torso, so even though he sits low, there are times he stretches out and his legs are under my ribs and his head is thoroughly squishing my poor poor bladder. It's pretty uncomfortable.

Nothing sounds good to eat these days. Except mexican food. And my family just doesn't want to eat that as much as I do. so sad. I have this super super sweet tooth, I like things extra sweet. At least normally I do, but with this baby, not so much. Nutella was too much for me the other day. And that was just weird all around.

Sleeping is terribly uncomfortable. I obviously have to sleep on my sides. I have a pillow between my knees, but having them stacked on top of each other alllll night long makes them achy. I can't sleep on my back because I can't breathe for more than 10 seconds if I do. And I am naturally a stomach sleeper, so sometimes I find myself halfway on my stomach when I wake up and my stomach is hurting. I toss and turn a lot. I usually get up at least once, sometimes twice to pee. And that will only increase as he, or rather we get bigger.

Today, I'm 32 weeks, which is one of those weeks that feels like a huge milestone. It means only two months left til we get to meet this precious baby that makes me so uncomfortable. It means only two months of the last pregnancy of my life. It means two months of extreme uncomfortableness. Two months of Brennen being the baby. Two months until our family is truly complete. I just feel it in my heart of hearts that this is our whole family. I have never felt that way before at the end of my pregnancies or after having the baby. I know we planned on being done after four, but in my heart, even though we were not having any more babies, it didn't feel right. Not like this. This feels complete. This chapter, this season will be over in two short months. For reals this time. I can just feel that this is right for us.
{32weeks in a long stretchy dress from Ross, it's so comfy}
So me and Lil' G, we're gonna keep growing and waiting anxiously to meet each other upon his first breath of life. and in the comfort of our own home. bliss.


  1. I'm so excited that you are getting so close! You look great! I'm a stomach sleeper too and it has been rough on me as well. This is our last one as well. I can't imagine ever doing this again. LOL


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