Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the threes.

With my older two boys, threes were the absolute hardest age. We all struggled through them. Twos were nothing, no, it should have been labeled terrible threes. And I've talked to other moms who can relate. But with boy 3, it's so different. So far, the hardest stage was the toddler stage, just before he learned to talk. Which was at 2 1/2. He waited a long time compared to the other two.

Usually my most favorite age is between about 15 months and 24ish months. Everything is about adventure and newness and discovery and first words and understanding more and it's just so darn fun. The cuteness of this toddler stage is so amazing to me. So with boy 4 being 19 months old, I adore everything he does right now.

But my with my Jonyn, my three year old boy, the boy who waited forever to talk, then started exploding sentences, I am so loving it. Yes, he's still stubborn and strong willed as all get out. *ahem, not that he takes after me or anything. But I'm loving it. The new words, the silly phrases, the talking about himself in third person (older two never did), the excitement in his words when he hears an airplane, sees a tower, as we pass oil pumps. The way he thinks he must pick out his own clothes and dress himself. The kid is just.so.smart. It's unbelievable.

It's like we're in the part of the toddlerhood I missed with him because he was too busy being into everything he shouldn't be and crying instead of talking. With him, and only him, because he has his very own distinct personality, the toddler phase was so.hard. But this preschool phase, with him, has been more than I hoped for, considering my personal past experience. I love him to pieces and while he still keeps us on our toes, he keeps us thoroughly entertained with his quirkiness and that very distinct personality.

I mean, each of my four boys have their own personality, Jo's just seems to stick out there juuuust a bit more. And this age, this three year old age that I usually dread is actually turning out to be my favorite with this boy, my third born, my cuddly hair twirler, my smart smart little ball of spunk. And I am very grateful for his place in our family.

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