Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Last night I slept the best I have in months. And still, I was falling asleep by four o'clock this afternoon. I couldn't stay awake. I'm really tired now. The kids are in the process of getting ready for bed as I sit here. And as soon as they are ready, I'm going to my room, too.

I know I haven't posted many belly pictures on here with this baby. I'm just so exhausted this go around. But if you wanna see some, look here. It's my instagram feed, so it has a lot of other phone snaps on there, too. But I promise, plenty of belly pics are there if you look.

My midwife came by for her 3rd home visit this morning. I'm measuring at 39cm, right on track. I've gained a total of 24lbs this time so far. And considering I have absolutely no signs of upcoming labor, even she thinks I'll be a 42 week-er. Oh joy. My BP is good, as it always is. And if you're wondering about dilation and effacement and all, my midwife doesn't do those checks. And I am actually okay with that. I love my midwife. She says baby is about 6 1/4lbs right now. Heartbeat is good.

So all is well. Things just aren't progressing. I'm so ready, though. Still no nesting or bursts of energy on my part though. I just wanna sleep. The mounds of laundry I planned on doing today did not get done. I just hate that the laundry room is in the garage. Seriously, I miss having a laundry space, even if that space was teeny.

The husband and I have our guesses in on the birth date. For reference, my due date is June 28th and I won't be allowed to go beyond 42wks. His guess is July 3rd, mine... July 8th. Yours?

Also, I'm irritable. And my kids are loud. Especially when it's hot as all get out. They don't wanna go outside and I.don't.blame them. I can't stand this 100* weather either. Thankfully, we had our walls spray insulated recently, so the a/c is able to keep up with the low temp I have it set at. Our poor budget is going to be blown by this month's electric bill. But I don't even care so much right now. It's just hot, y'all.


  1. I'm going to guess June 30. I'm hoping for you that you don't have to go into July pregnant. ;)

  2. I'd heard they won't let Texans go beyond 42 weeks for home births. I'd also heard the midwives there love to recommend Castor Oil for getting labor going on the ladies who get close to 42 weeks. I was so big with my first that they wanted to induce before my due date! So I took Castor Oil. Most horrid awful labor of my three - I didn't know any better because it was my first, but having had two totally natural beautiful births since... yeah, I can't recommend taking that junk. ;)

  3. I'm guessing July 2nd. How did the other 4 go? Early, late, on time? Induced or natural? What is your midwives idea on when to help you out if you get close to 42 weeks? Sorry for all the questions...I had a midwife with Rylan and Milee but we were in Utah. Much different there I hear than down here in Texas. Hoping that baby G comes soon for you and on his own! I want just one time to go into labor on my own. All 3 of mine so far have been induced early. Until he decides to come--I'll just keep stalking your page :)


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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