Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 06.22.2012

1. I'm six days away from my due date. Whew! But I wish it was over already. It's to that point. Get.Him.Out! ya know. Buuuut. I was induced with the other four boys right at my due date, but each time with zero signs of labor. I'm sure I've mentioned this already. So, totally expecting another two weeks of this being pregnant business to happen. Blah.

2. I primed my kitchen cabinets yesterday, they're ready to paint. I painted my room what was supposed to be a pale gray. It looks more like a super pale blue. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. So instead of a white/gray/yellow scheme. It's now a white/blue/yellow scheme. This is the first time my room has ever been this pretty and decorated since I moved out all those years ago. I tried to go with a red theme last time. I didn't like it so much. This time it feels more relaxing. Which is what a Mom of soon to be five boys needs, right??

3. I turned 30 on Tuesday. Can you believe it? Because no one else does when I tell them how old I am. I tend to look younger than I am. Blessing and a curse. I'm really really looking forward to my 30s, for many many reasons. I have spent basically all my 20s with very small children, and mostly pregnant or nursing one of those said children. Sure, I'll start off my 30s that way, too. But this the end of my baby birthing season. For reals this time.

4. I've slept good a few nights this week, which is a big step up from not sleeping good any night of the week.

5. Also, I have to paint one more wall in my room. Previous owner painted a black wall in here. Yes, black. As in the window sill and all. *sigh. So primer has to go up first. I'll probably go eat and do that in a minute.

6. Brennen apparently chipped his front tooth in the last couple of days. No idea how or when. I just know he's looking a tad redneck now.

7. The nesting bug has hit. I supervised the boys' sorting and purging of their toys. We got rid of quite a bit. I organized their closet, and mine. I hung a curtain over their closet and took down the mirror doors. After I paint my room, I'll do the cabinets, then I'll move on to spit shining the house. It's in need of a good scrub down.

8. My kids are irritating me. I think it's totally just the end-of-pregnancy-I'm-so-tired-of-being-huge-and-uncomfortable thing. I'm trying to be nice, though. It's not always working. And the little two are touching me a little too much these days! I'm having some space issues.

9. All my baby goods are ready to go. Even got the pack-n-play set up in our room for his arrival.

10. My bedroom has finally been rearranged to how we want it. after 8 1/2 months of living in this house.

Happy weekend, friends.


  1. You're so close to holding Little G in your arms. I know it feels like forever away still, but he'll be here before you know it.

    Oh, and I love the gray, yellow and white combo. I'm thinking of doing that for our kitchen and dining room! I'm thinking yellow walls and gray or white cabinets. The appliances and countertop are black, so I think gray might make it a little too dark. Maybe I'll incorporate both white and gray into them. Anyway, it's a lovely combination of colors. Sorry the gray looks a little more blue though. I bet it's still lovely. :)

  2. It is really hard to pick a good gray. I painted the boys bathroom gray to go along with a gray/navy/turquoise/lime-yellow theme. First color looked pale blue so I went back and found a true gray with no blue undertone. I have more painting to do here too but no desire. I love the new look when it's done but hate the process of getting it there.

    I was trying to remember if you were induced before. Hope he comes all on his own for you. I don't know about you but I want so bad to experience that part of birthing a child.

    Keep us up to date :)

  3. What a beautiful pictures and impressive blog you have! So fantastic!
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