Thursday, June 14, 2012

i can't remember anything anymore

I don't even remember what it was exactly that I wrote about last time I blogged. I often forget what I had to eat the day before. Sometimes I forget to brush the baby's teeth before bed. I forget that my kids are still kids. I forget I have to make dinner. I forget what I tell people. I forget appointments.

What I do know is I can't sleep at night. But I can't stay awake during the day. We had a storm blow through and it knocked down some power lines at the church so Toby was home all day today. They did finally get the power back, so he'll be at work tomorrow. But today, oh today, I napped in my bed. because he was here. and took care of the boys. and also, the boys did the dishes today. so they could play the Wii. works for me.

I do not remember being this tired with all the other kids. Yes, I was tired, but And geez, my body aches from the waist down. Oh my hips, knees, thighs, ankles, all of it. My midwife said it could possibly be a sign of dilation. I am hoping so. Let's go Lil' G! I'm very much ready for him to make his appearance. I want to meet him so bad. And I don't want to be sore and tired anymore.

Seriously, newborn stage ... much easier than last-month-of-pregnancy stage. seriously. I'm looking forward to that part.

also, I feel like a big whiny baby. I really do.


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