Thursday, June 7, 2012

the scoop

{post written earlier this morning}

This week is busy. Although, I'm still sitting in my bed right now. I've been blog reading, emailing, stuff like that. I just realized about ten minutes ago that my oldest leaves for camp tomorrow and uh, I haven't done laundry, so he has no clean clothes. I'll be getting on that in few minutes.

On Tuesday, we officially wrapped up our school year. Which only consisted of my 3rd grader taking two tests. And I guess that makes him a 4th grader now. Where I grew up, 4th grade was the last year of elementary school. That's wild to think he's that big now. I'm so happy to be done. We've been busting our tails the past few months to stay on track and get finished. There's some baby related stuff I want to accomplish before Lil' G makes his arrival.

Speaking of sweet baby Greyson, I am officially full term today, 37 weeks. And huge and uncomfortable. I'm pretty much measuring right on track, though. Although I can't seem to shake this sinus crap that's been happening for almost two weeks now. Also, the past 3 days I've had an upset stomach. No matter what I do, or eat, my tummy is all crampy and upset. Anyone else ever experience that before going into labor? I'm hoping it's some sort of sign. I still get Braxton Hicks quite often. blah.

I did manage to find some closet organizers when I went to Target to get the rest of the baby things we needed. So I finally got the three little's closet all kinds of organized. It's way more functional now and doesn't look like such a mess. I just have a few more baby clothes and blankets and sheets to wash and we'll be ready to have this baby! Except that there's some painting around the house I'd really like to do before he arrives. We'll just have to see how I feel from day to day to determine whether or not that will get done.

Brennen, my sweet 20 month old Momma's boy, is talking. Not sentences or more than a word or two at a time. But he does talk. He says way more than Jonyn did at this age, so it's pretty amazing to hear him say words and know what they mean. It's so cute. He's just cute. Such a happy little boy. I just wonder how he's going to do when he has to share Mommy more than he already does. I know he'll adjust, I'm just praying it's a smooth easy adjustment, like everything else has been with him. He has seriously been my easiest breeziest baby and toddler. We have our moments, but overall, B is just a child that I'm sure everyone dreams of having.

So it makes me wonder what baby 5 will be like. I'm so ready to meet him. There's always that point in the third tri where I'm anxious and ready and I dream of holding him and smelling him and rubbing his fuzzy forehead against my lips and nursing him and napping with him. That has hit full on lately. I just want to meet this precious baby. I am so. ready.

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