Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hi friends. Nearly 8 months ago we moved here to this new town, new church, new life, new friends. It has been a change for sure. The exact change I was seeking. Little did I know that when we moved, we'd also be bringing new life with us. We conceived this new little life growing in my womb a few short days before moving day. God and his plans are so different from our sometimes. most of the time.

About three weeks before we moved we had a garage sale. Just before that, we decided we were done having babies. And so. I sold all my baby stuff, except a lone pack 'n play, which I knew we'd use.

This little peanut was a surprise for us. My charting and tracking failed. I mean, it worked for a year, then life happened and got busy and I got lazy. And obviously got pregnant, too. Really I guess it's my fault for getting lazy and not tracking things like I should have been. So with no things baby and old friends hours away, my new friends asked to throw me a baby shower.

Friends I've only known for a few short months, friends that showered us with lots of love and kindness and generosity. I am so completely grateful for all of their love and efforts and time to get it together and be willing to throw a shower for Lil' G.

I realize some think it is not proper etiquette and maybe rude to have a shower after so many babies of the same sex. But honestly, we needed so much stuff that I am so grateful for the people who don't care how many babies we've previously had, they still want to shower our new one with love and supplies.

It was seriously a huge blessing. I felt so overwhelmed by the kindness. I felt so undeserving of the love shown to us. But God is so good and places new people in our path all the time. The right people, the most amazing people, new friends, with such big hearts. Many amazing people have been placed in my path throughout my life. It's been hard to see friends move away from us, and it's been hard to move away from our friends. I miss so many people and wish for a big-o hug from them. Now we're making new friends, and I'm so happy to be doing so.

Thanks to everyone who has blessed Baby Greyson with love, prayers, and even sweet gifts. We are so grateful for you. Our God is so amazing, isn't he?

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