Sunday, June 10, 2012

ten on ten: june 2012

1. breakfast with Dinosaur Train while Mommy showers
2. leaving for church
3. trying to unlock Mommy's iPad
4. blackberry juice
5. Momma Cat
6. homemade blackberry cobbler. oh heavens
7. old sandals. the only shoes that fit my fat feet
8. he's a total three year old
9. getting ready for a shower
10. loud little chatter box. and cute too

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  1. Oh what adorable boys you have! I LOVE the 3 year old brown eyes (and the blue ones too!) :)

  2. Love these little bits of your day. Littlest one's hair is beyond adorable! I so wanted to do this today, but my heart just wasn't in it.

  3. Beautiful kids! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Every shot is captured beautifully. And that homemade cobbler looks divine.


  5. Beautiful pics! Want some cobbler now :)

  6. oh my gosh! Brennen totally looks like I remember Jonyn at that age in picture 2. Maybe because I remember him wearing that outfit?? IDK but I love all of them and you of course!! Miss you!!

  7. I love your photos--especially the blackberry juice one! Your kids are adorable and I love your turquoise sandals, too! Great set!

  8. Oh what a lovely set! I love the first picture, so real life and so precious.

    And I LOVE your sandals, the color and the style!! Where did you get them? I've been on the hunt for some like that. =)

  9. I love those sandals - such a pretty color!


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