Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 07.06.12

How long has it been since I've updated you? Um, too long. Let me explain...

I'm pregnant. Super largely miserably overly-emotionally get-this-kid-out-of-me pregnant.

The end.

1. I'm seriously 41 weeks and 1 day. And I want to see my sweet boy's precious face, like, yesterday. I woke up this morning around 5:15 or so and couldn't go back to sleep. So I hopped up rolled myself off the bed and tearfully emailed my Mom and started another load of laundry. In this house, one day accumulates to one load or more. So it's never ending. Although, happy that there are only two loads to wash this morning.

2. I feel like crying. Sitting around and crying. My boy doesn't want to come out. He wants to cause false labor and wiggle his arms around his head which is so low that it makes me gasp for air when he punches. (seriously had 4 hrs of false hope labor the other night, by the way).

3. Everything is Lil Greyson related these days. It's all I can think about. That stubborn little boy...

4. We were at least able to celebrate the fourth with some sweet friends. A little cookout in a West Texas dust storm. It's how we roll.

5. I'm having a contraction right now, but it's not a real one. dumb.

6. My house is nearly completely painted. So glad about that. We just have the two bathrooms (mine is teeny), Brennen's room, and the small entry way. Someday.... oh someday. Then I will be so.done. with painting. forever!

7. Jonyn, oh Jonyn, has turned mean. and started biting. Whaaat? Yeah, I don't have biters, y'all. At least not when they're supposed to bite as toddlers. No. I don't. Then he turns three, I think he's going to be a sweet three year old because, um, his toddler years were difficult. And then he turns on me. Rather, turns on Brennen really. That poor baby gets beat up by Jo. But Jo is smart. He knows to only do it when we're not looking. Brennen runs into the room crying and pointing backwards. It's funny, but *sigh* I don't even know what to do about all that right now. Don't he know I got my own baby drama I'm tryin' to work out?! Like gettin' this kid born?! Regardless, it confirms what I've been saying for years. Threes are, by far, the hardest age.

8. I took about a month away from Facebook. Just recently reactivated my account. It was way nice. But geez, I will admit how much I hate all the dumb stupid ridiculous amount of pictures with cute/funny/stupid sayings splayed across them, and I hate all the e-card things too. I also don't really care to see who likes what and commented on what random photo or status for the day. That's great and all, but really, is it any of my business, especially if I don't even know the person they are interacting with? All this gets in the way of me simply being able to open the page, and have a look to see how my friends and family are doing. I get tired of scrolling past the dumb stuff to get to the real stuff. It all just confirms why I think Facebook is stupid. And if I lived near family, I probably wouldn't have an account anymore. Feel free to roll your eyes at me now. {edited to add: it looks like removing a ton of pages I "like" has helped with the too much dumb stuff issue.}

9. The sun is coming up now. I'm going to be so exhausted and completely irritable. Although, neither of those things are out of the norm for me lately. I hate this stage in pregnancy. The so-close-you-can-feel-it part. I want to be done. d-o-n-e.

10. Here's my baby boy around 6:15ish this morning. Please excuse the mirror that I cleaned and then the next day one of the boys sprayed it with who knows what. I have yet to clean it again.

{I'm myrealeverydaylife on Instagram}

I hope your weekend is amazing. I hope my weekend is filled with the sounds and smells of a newborn baby boy. Happy Day, friends.

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  1. Oh, baby boy, why be so stubborn and make your Ma go past 41 weeks? Wishing you lots of newborn snuggles very very soon Brooke.


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