Thursday, July 19, 2012

my sweet B

Little boy became an instant Daddy's boy when baby brother was born. I have tried to love on him as much as he'll let me. He sure doesn't come to snuggle with me as often. Makes my heart a little sad. But he's close to the age where all of our boys turn Daddy's boys anyways, so I knew this day would come.
Yesterday, I spent the majority of the morning in my bedroom marathon nursing the wee man. It's like he couldn't get his belly full and he also wouldn't go to sleep. So Brennen hung out with me off and on throughout the morning. He brought me his babies (stuffed animals with satin tags) and blankies and books and tried to steal my phone a million times.
He also tried to crash my photo shoot with the baby a couple of times. So I photographed him instead. He's so cute. And he is talking so much now. Not full sentences, but he tries. His vocabulary is growing. I love it. He still loves his sleep, sucks his thumb, and must have a blanket with a satin tag at bedtime. He loves his milk, hates when Mommy changes his diaper, but it's okay if Daddy does, and he totally copycats everything big brother Jonyn does. everything. And he has to know every time the baby "poo poos." It's the only thing about the baby he cares about. He's only touched Greyson twice and refuses to give him hugs or kisses or hold him.
One of these days, Greyson is going to be Brennen's little copycat. I love my Baby B, and I pray that in these early days of having a newborn brother, he doesn't feel any less loved.

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