Thursday, August 16, 2012

baby gear

Can a Momma really live with out a giant stroller, a swing, a crib, a bouncy seat, an exersaucer, a play mat with pretty dangle-y things above it and whatever big things babies use? Oh I know, a highchair...that too?
Yes, a Momma can live without those things. And I should know. I have none of those things for Greyson. I decided I'd go minimalistic with him. And it's been nice not having lots of baby things taking over the living room. The only semi- large items I registered for were a doorway jumper, which I got, and bouncy seat, which I did not get and chose not to purchase either. I did get a Bumbo seat, however. But he can't use the doorway jumper or bumbo for another couple of months.
So in the meantime, I use slings, wraps, other kids, and the mobile in his bed to entertain him. He loves the mobile. I never thought it would keep him entertained and, you know, not crying. But he adores it and I use it when I need to shower and such.
He stares and stares. And I even caught him smiling at it and cooing, not the he coos a lot yet, but a few sweet on purpose sounds come out occasionally. Precious, I tell you.
I am so thankful for this one simple thing. A musical mobile. And my baby loves it, too.

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