Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 08.03.2012

1. Brennen has had his top four front teeth plus two molars and only TWO bottom front teeth plus two molars now. It has been months and months and months since he's cut any teeth. Yesterday I noticed he finally has another of his front bottom teeth in. I was beginning to worry he might not have baby teeth there. He's 22 months now, by the way.

2. Yesterday I thought Greyson might have smiled at me. Today, I know he did. It was precious. He smiled when he first saw me this morning. My heart turned to mush. I love that stage when they smile at you at the start of their day.

3. Also, when his fist winds up in front of his face, he just stares at it, with utter fascination.

4. And Greyson will be four weeks on Sunday. Where has the time gone?

5. Kanyon. He pulled another one of his teeth today. You never know when he has a loose one and when he's going to pull it. Taylan is opposite, he keeps his teeth til they nearly fall out. Tonight the Tooth Fairy is gonna try reeeeeally hard not to forget about his tooth. She's always forgetting to swap teeth out for dough. Shame on her.

6. Where's fall? It's dadgum hot. I'm ready for fall. gah.

7. I always get lots of comments when I go out with the baby. Today is was, "ahhh, your baby must only be a week old!" and "how old is he? a month?" and "does that thing feel safe, aren't you afraid he's gonna fall out?" and "is your baby squished in there? is his head squished?" I was wearing a sling. Um, no, his head was not squished, and he won't fall out, pretty sure I got this. I know how to baby wear, people, mkay?

8. We watched We Bought A Zoo tonight. Oh man. love. I just loved it. But I did get teary eyed quite a bit. And also, the little girl on there is totally adorable. I almost cried when I saw her. That level of adorable is what I imagine my little girl would have been at, had I had a little girl. Even Toby asked me if I was sure I didn't want a little girl. I said I wasn't sure. Which makes me sad because I don't want to go through another pregnancy or have any more babies. I know we're done. We're complete. Daughters-in law and grandgirls. That's what I'll get.

9. It's World Breastfeeding Week. I think my baby is benefiting from mommy's milk, wouldn't you say? And also, he has the most perfect lips, no?
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10. We're starting homeschooling back up on Monday. I'd say I'm semi-ready. I'm way completely ready to have that structure back and less electronics in my kids' days. I'm sorta ready on having everything printed and such. This weekend, I will sit down and review all the materials just to make sure I remember how things are supposed to be taught and stuff. For the most part, though... I'm excited. Oh, and I gotta clean the house up real good. Last year, I realized pretty quickly it's hard for me to home school in a messy house. I plan on photographing my set up for this year, too. That'll be up on the blog soon.

Happy weekend, yo.

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