Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 09.21.2012

my favorite things right now.
1. greyson's constant cooing. it's seriously like falling in love all over again each morning.

{coo face}

2. brennen's ridiculous hair. i am all giddy over his beautiful curls. they are so precious.

3. educational apps on the ipad.
4. instagram. people there are so sweet and kind and encouraging. (i'm myrealeverydaylife, find me)

5. the way greyson looks lifting his head up during tummy time. oh, the cuteness, i die.

6. the almost laugh sound greyson makes when tickled under the chin, he's so close to laughing. also, he rolled over this week. back to front, at 10wks 2days old. craziness.

7. my haircut. i have such an awesome friend.
8. the cool mornings.
9. taylan's constant book reading. oh, he is so like me. only i think my love for books really developed after high school.

{book worm + stuff everywhere}

10. a fixed phone screen. my luck with things this month is not stellar. i'm breaking everything i touch, it's a miracle i'm here right now.
happy weekend peeps. hopefully you'll have a good one and i'll have one where my toxic hands don't break anything.

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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