Saturday, September 22, 2012

our days.

My day usually starts with diaper changes. Greyson only wakes up once to nurse in the night. Brennen wakes up around 7 or 7:30 and usually comes in to snuggle me with all his blankies and babies. Greyson wakes up for the day between 8 and 8:30. I'm not complaining. I'm pretty okay with fairly late sleepers. The older two wake up and get breakfast on their own and fix it for the little ones, too. And you never know when Jo is gonna wake up, he's been afraid of his room and monsters again lately so he's been staying up late and sleeping in.
Tummy time is important in any day. I love the faces he makes when he's like this. I have a whole slew of silliness from him. It's adorable.
When you're the fifth in line, sometimes you just gotta cry about it for a minute. It's unfortunate, but again. five kids.
Most of the time I get my showers in the night before, but if Grey has not been cooperative, then I aim for morning. I usually set the bigs up with school, the littles up with a movie and the baby in his bed with his mobile.
After my shower, I'm ready to sit with them for school. Bible and math they do on their own while I take care of little ones and shower. Everything else, I'm involved with. And I do usually have a lens or two hanging around wherever I am.
I play referee quite a bit between these two. It's tough sometimes. Very tiring. Some days, they wake up fighting, biting, and punching.
Greyson goes from my lap, to the floor, to the bumbo, to his bed, and just wherever he's happy. I probably hold him more often than not when he's awake because we just don't have fun stuff like a swing and bouncy. He makes funny faces in the bumbo, too :)
This day I was trying to make lunch and he was getting all mad about it. Then he fell asleep on the floor. I just left him. Usually, though, he naps when B does.
Lunch is made and they get to it. Most days I nurse Grey just after I get all their lunch made. The big kids are quite capable of making everyone's lunches, but now that I have energy again, I just streamline it and make everyone's.
After lunch, the littles play some more while we continue with school. I even have a rare moment of them playing with each other this day. On MWF we usually end school right at or just after lunch time. Tuesday and Thursday are our long days, mostly because of history and science. But the science is a lot of fun for them, so it doesn't feel as long. And by long, I mean like 2:45, 3:00.
We have lots of time outs and lots of making ups. Spankings gotta happen too. The boys are just mean to each other. The older two fought, but not physically like the little ones do.
She's old and is always in the way or in the middle of the floor. And she lays like this all.the.time.
I tend to plan the next week of school on Thursdays while we're still doing school. This way I don't really have to do any extra planning over the weekend. I don't even have to think about school. That makes me much happier. I enjoy it most days, it's just really really really hard with a three year old like mine and a copy cat two year old and a baby.
Around 2 or so, B goes down for his nap. Greyson has usually already gone down by then, too.
If not, I carry him around with me. Usually I set Jonyn up with a movie (during the daytime, all movies are educational or Jesus related in some way). This is the only way I get a quiet house for at least an hour. If we have finished school, the boys read and get 30 minutes each of educational apps time on the iPad. Otherwise, we finish up with science or art.
Our day also includes Jonyn changing his clothes ten times a day. No joke.
After Brennen wakes up from his nap is when the loud happens again. More play time and I start dinner. The locals start getting a little cranky if dinner isn't at a reasonable hour and we don't really do snacks around here.
But this day, I made popcorn for their lunch and the littles split the leftovers after nap time.
Showers are next, each big kid takes a little kid in with them. I bathe Greyson about twice a week for now, yet he always smells so delicious. I love that about babies. When he was first born, his first bath happened when he was like a week old or so. Oh my word, I sniffed him all the time, he just smelled so amazing all on his own.

Anyways, then it's Jesus Calling time for the bigs, I try to read a devo to Jonyn. B goes down between 7:45 and 8. Taylan and Kanyon hit the beds by 8:30 and we aim for about 8:45 for Jonyn, but really he's on his own schedule. Greyson also falls asleep around 8 or so and wakes up around 10, 10:30 to eat. Then he's out for the night.

We head to bed and it starts all over again the next day.

{note: the Clickin' Moms blog posts these often and that originally inspired me to do A Day in the Life. But my friend here also inspired me to get it finished).


  1. Ha! That one of the boys reading on the couch and Jonyn upside down is hilarious! I love it--your big family and lovely pictures are eye candy! How did you take those breastfeeding pictures? I think you have a remote for your cam, right? I can't wait for our next baby and to take advantage of that closeness and baby smell like you are right now! PS. thanks for the linkup. :)


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