Wednesday, September 26, 2012


There for a while, it seemed like everything I touched broke. All month long it has been like this. I broke my harddrive that had ALL my photos on them. All of them. Yes. I've lost every single digital image I have ever taken from July 30th on backwards. And it's pretty expensive to ship hard drives back to the manufactures to have them get the files off of them.

My computer started beeping at me and locking up. Luckily, we now know that it's just Bridge. Which sucks because that's how I view/organize/rate photos and I can't use it right now, otherwise my computer craps out on me.

I broke my phone screen. Shattered it. Thankfully, a friend of Toby's fixed it for us pretty quickly and I'm no longer in fear of ripping my fingers open on the broken glass.

The plumbing got backed up because my tired Mommy brain thought it more logical to put a new recipe that was nasty soup (a new recipe that turned out to be disgusting) down the disposal than in the trash at the time. It backed up. We had to have a plumber come out. Turns out, as I learned from my flooded garage, our sink and washer run through the same pipes. So everything was caught on some black thread.

Our newish blu ray player we got to keep the littles occupied with educational or Jesus movies during school time tried to crap out on me too. But when the husband touches it, it magically works for him. Hm.

It's a miracle my kids are intact. I feel like my hands are toxic and everything I touch will just fall apart. I had a hard time with that for a few days, I felt so defeated.

Even me, myself, and I are falling apart. My thyroid is good right now, my Vit D is still low and hey, this is new, my triglycerides are HIGH. What a way to scare me into eating right. And maybe possibly exercising. I mean, I've been mentally preparing myself to get back on the Eat Clean Diet, I just didn't feel like I was ready. Like I could do it without cheating. But now, since the doctor called me, I started it yesterday. I ate right all day and did a good job. Last time I cut out the processed foods, I lost 14 pounds to start. Then I got pregnant. There will not be a repeat of that. No siree.

So hey, I will be eating healthy, and feeling physically good because of it. Thankfully I wasn't on caffeine and won't suffer headaches from cutting it out. I am allowing myself a glass of decaf tea at lunch and dinner, but that's it. I keep water next to me all day long. Turns out I like it with cucumbers and mint.

Hopefully the rest of this month will not result in anything else broken, but I'm not getting my hopes up.


  1. I know how you feel! Sometimes I think I should just close myself in my room and not see or touch anyone/anything. I started this week with trying to eat better as well. I was doing so good this time last year and lost 22 lbs. I was horrible over the summer and quickly gained at least 10 back :( Prayers for you that it will be a easy transition. So, did you get your tubes tied? I'm still on the fence of more babies or if I want be officially done. Such a tough decision and I'm so scared to make either move without being positively sure that it's what I want.

    1. Thanks friend! No, I probably won't ever do anything permanent. I think we're gonna go with a IUD that I don't have to worry about :)

  2. I am so sorry to hear all of this. Praying for a smoother October!! Hugs!

  3. Oh gosh, I hope that the coming month balances all of this out for you!


  4. First off... how did I miss this in my FB feed, G+ feed AND Blogger feed?!
    Second... I feel ya. ;)


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