Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Kanyon had a birthday earlier this month. This time I got on the ball and shot his photos about a week or so before his big day. He's growing up so much.

about Kanyon:
only likes to read sometimes. (dr. seuss is his favorite).
obsessed with checking the mail.
still loves spiderman.
loves his little brothers.
loves his big brother, at least the majority of the time.
loves to ice skate.
prefers chocolate over vanilla.
is.very.loud. (like his dad).
has more of a skater boy style.
hazel eyes, like mine and Toby's.
very obnoxious. we've grown accustomed to it.
is polite in public.
likes to rough-house.
a night owl.
shy kid.
has so many things that we just love about him.

We celebrated with cake and ice cream, just us, here at the house. A cake I made, I might add, that was so.good. I finally found my chocolate cake recipe! Anyways, later on, like the first weekend of November, he'll get his 8th birthday sleep over party. (our kids get real parties every four years, so they really really look forward to them).
Of our all our boys, this one has the quirkiest personality. I love him and pray he grows up to be strong in his faith, with a wife strong in hers, and I pray he has daughters and at least one son. He wants two kids (for now).  And I'll totally be the mom (and mom-in-law) that's all... so, when ya gonna have another one.

My son.

His heart is so big and his love is so strong.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, loud, obnoxious, goofy, loving Kanyon.

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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