Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 10.12.2012

 note: i wrote this up yesterday and totally forgot to come back and publish it.

1. in just two days, we will have officially lived in a new house in a new town for one year.

2. i'm so stressed. and i can't seem to shake it.

3. i love instagram so much that my big beasty camera rarely gets used. so so sad. so sad. plus i just lack motivation all together.

4. my kids are 9, 8, and 3, 2 and 3 months old right now. i have three kids 3 and under. and two that are growing up up up.

5. greyson is happy. and such an amazing baby. as much as i never would have thought we'd have him, i could not imagine my life without him. he's just made of love, squish, smiles, and happiness. he's a happiness bringer.

6. i just wish i could be that happy carefree girl i once was. i'm too uptight and having a hard time loosening up. how does one change their rigid ways after so long?

7. i'm starting to get the itch. no, no, not for another baby, silly. wait another three months and then i'll get that itch (but i'm still done having babies). but the itch to take everything out of every single closet and rearrange it, that's the one. but i must wait. at least until next week. we host small group this monday and i'd hate for everything to be a state of disarray all because i simply wanted to organize and ran out of time to finish it.

8. taylan. so smart. i love him. he reads and reads and reads and, well, i might have mentioned that a time or two, huh?

9. i look forward to the day when jonyn and brennen can at least be civil to one another for more than 20 seconds.

10. i can't focus lately. i start one thing, get distracted by kid or baby, then start something else because i forgot what i was originally doing. sometimes, i even walk around in circles yelling "i can't focus!" because i can't remember a single thing i should be doing. or the opposite, everything i should be doing is colliding in my head like violent waves onto the shore and i have no idea which thing i should do. maybe that's why i keep getting a jabbing pain in my temple lately. who knows...

happy weekend, friends.


  1. #7. Me, right now. Totally. My kitchen contents are literally spread across three rooms, drawers and cupboards half-vacuumed and half-scrubbed... and I fear I'll never actually finish it. Yes, wise woman to wait until next week!

  2. Hang in there'd...I am going to enjoy your scavenger hunt prompts this week...thanks!

  3. Hang in there'd...I am going to enjoy your scavenger hunt prompts this week...thanks!

  4. Hang in there'd...I am going to enjoy your scavenger hunt prompts this week...thanks!

  5. Oh Brooke! My grandmother had 5 girls, two of them older than the other 3. When I read your blog and your emotions, I often wonder if she felt like that too. I cannot imagine what having 3 under 3 is like. It is to that, that I send you patience, and some vibes to loosen you up and not be so uptight (because I'm exactly like that too) and it takes so much out of me to just 'relax' but it takes twice as much outta me to blow a gasket. Choose to smile. Write stuff down. Enjoy little moments.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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