Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 10.26.2012


1. i love greyson. he's so active. and rolls and rolls and manages to scooch off of his blankie on the floor.
2. brennen is loud. l-o-u-d, loud. but his voice is so cute.

3. jonyn gets into stuff juuuust to push buttons. and usually with a big smile on his face.

4. kanyon enjoys learning, even if it doesn't always come easy for him.

5. taylan is my bookwork, always asking for new books.

6. greyson has big-o adorable fish lips that i just wanna kiss and kiss and kiss.

7. brennen is so amazingly cute, he gets called a she more and more these days. and yeah, he has long precious curls, but you know, i just can't cut them.
8. jonyn is a sneaky smart kid. but on the smart side.... he's finally getting interested in sitting down for an hour or so to do school with us lately.

9. kanyon is obnoxious, but his heart is so huge.

10. taylan has a cute little lisp, it's not super prominent, but it's there. i'm not sure if he'll ever outgrow it, but it is him. and i love it.

life has been so hard lately. i have struggled greatly with homeschooling and balancing and being nice and getting enough sleep and and and.... but there are good parts to it all. there are lovely things and sweet things and beautiful things and crazy things. and i struggle still. but each day is new and His blessings are new every morning. so i'm trying deeply hard to relax, to be patient, to be joyful, to be....present and see the blessings.

happy weekend, my friends. be blessed. i pray that in the midst of chaos, you can find some small beautiful moment.

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