Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Top Ten

1. I've kind of had a heavy heart lately. One of those things where I look upward and ask why things are being withheld. These things my heart desires. And has desired for so long now.

2. Then I pray about it. And feel peace. This is where God has me maybe for reasons I can't see now, but that's okay. I know he loves me. I know he has my best at heart.

3. The things around the house that are now breaking are not because of me. It's a nice change.

4. Pretty sure I have not picked up my camera once this week. Instagram gets all my photos. But really, it's because my card is full and I've been super lazy about getting the files to my computer before deleting them.

5. We have completed 9 weeks of school. Some days I wonder what the heck I'm doing and why God has me doing this at which I am terrible at. But then, I'm sure there's a reason... He knows best after all.

6. I'm tired today y'all.

7. Jonyn pushes his boundaries on purpose. Then he'll push Brennen's for him. For example...Jonyn says, "Bwennen, come touch dis. Bwennen go get dat. Bwennnen, go in dere." None of which B should actually be doing.

8. Brennen busts out of his child locked door eleventy hundred times during naptime lately. He and Jonyn also pull every piece of clothing out of their closet eleventy million times a week. and also out of their dresser. I think mostly it's because Jonyn changes his clothes more than a teenage girl. true story.

9. Jonyn and Brennen get in trouble eleventy billion times a day, too. Oh my, some days I feel like locking myself into a padded room because I can't handle the two. Where one is getting into trouble, the other is right there beside them. It's twice the fun. um, not. they really are partners in crime.

10. And if they're not getting into trouble, they are kicking, punching, pushing, and biting each other, or pulling hair. Okay, Jo pulls hair. because, you know, B has so much. but still.

Happy weekend, homies. I'm working on embracing motherhood more this weekend and being a little more relaxed. I'm also going to enjoy this weather over the weekend. 55*F? Um, yes, I'll take it. hi fall, please linger a while.

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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