Thursday, October 18, 2012

simple moments :: week 1

I've kind of been thinking of starting a personal project. The thought has been on my mind for quite a while now. And I've finally figured out what I want it to be. First of all, we all know I'm no good at a photo a day. aka: project 365. nope, Some days are really really rough. and long. and busy. and I forget to pick up my beasty camera.
What I want to do is start documenting the small things. The things that might get over looked or that may seem less significant. Like this week. My baby sitting on my lap. We sit like this often, usually just after or before a nursing session. And sure, my kids sit in my lap often, but it's the way they sit that I love.
Sure, I'm plus size, my legs are quite round, but when I forget how I used to hold my babies, I can always come back to this. A reminder. A reminder that his head would balance perfectly on my breasts. His back would hug to my extra round gut. His butt would sit perfectly in my crossed legs. His feet would touch my feet. His hands and toes so tiny. His little curious eyes looking around.
So here's to my personal project. Once a week, I will document some small moment. (I'd start a linky, but I'm not cool enough in the blogosphere for that). (but feel free to join and leave me a link in the comments). (mkay, yo?). (also, I'm sure there's probably already a linky out there for something like this). (okay I'm done).
(ps, my pants aren't see through, they're shiny/reflective. I know you asked yourself if they were... I woulda, hehe).


  1. Can I call you Mrs. Shiny Pants? ;) *Did not think they were see through...pinky swear. :)

    Can't wait to hold him. :)

  2. I didn't think they were see-through either.

    I love this. And yes, I will join you. I need good excuses to blog anyway. (and I secretly started a 365, wish me luck)

  3. that's a great idea, Brooke. Today I was just thinking of the SMALL simple things too. Such a great way to remember those moments.

  4. I love this idea! I need to slow down and Maybe if you went in with a few bloggy friends, a link-up would take off.

    No matter what you think you look like, to this baby, you are perfect. Your body comforts and cradles him exactly the way he wants, and exactly the way you were designed to.



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