Friday, October 26, 2012

simple moments :: week 2

I very much should have posted this yesterday. But we had a late start to the day and nothing quite fell in place for me to sit down and post. So here I am today. But in the future, I will try to post these every Thursday.

I'd love for you to join me in finding the simple things in your days that you don't want to forget. Either one thing or many. It doesn't matter, as long as you photograph, or write, about something you don't want to forget.

I love how he puts the chairs together and starts saying,  
"ticka-ticka CHOO CHOO!" 
Making a train out of our chairs is so fun for him. He learned it from Jonyn.
of course. 
that's where all his best ideas come from.
and in a year or so, he'll teach Greyson all the naughty awesome things he knows.
  He puts the chairs together and climbs over them.... back and forth back and forth.
"ticka-ticka CHOO CHOO!"
 and the thing with tags he has. he loves them.
 and his taggies blanket? he's in love. he got one from his Nana, 
and we lost it around the house somewhere,
so I got a back up one with a lion on it.

 and the thumb sucking. it's so sweet. he'll pause anything he's doing to thumb suck.
and the curls. oh the curls.
  and then he's done and he climbs down and runs off to play.
and leaves his train behind.
to build it again for another day.

also? my header photo? it pretty much makes me laugh. five boys, it's kinda crazy like that. only... there's more crying and punching involved.

simple moments :: week 1


  1. You captured him Perfectly.

    Thursdays. I'm writing it down for next week.

  2. Oh goodness! These photos make me a nervous wreck just by looking at them! Lol.


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