Thursday, October 18, 2012


Brennen turned two back on Sept. 29th. I have yet to take his two year photos. Mostly because, well, you see, he's a runner. And in no way can I distract him from his irresistible urge to run down the street while simultaneously taking his photos. So. I'm waiting for Daddy to help us out. which actually might be tonight.

We did our usual. We celebrated here at home with homemade pizza and cake, store bought, because I'm awesome and just didn't plan well and didn't make his cake like I prefer to do. which actually makes me not awesome.


We got party hats and played pin the tail on the donkey. B and Jo thought the game was hysterical because they were blindly spun in circles.

B was very unsure what to do about those lit candles. All he knew was they were kinda standing in his way of eating all the icing. So Dad wound up blowing them out for him.
 also, don't waste your money on "sparkler" candles. they don't work.

We had a great time, I believe the kids really really enjoyed themselves. Anytime they get sugar filled junk, its a big deal. See? I think they turn into little cavemen or something...
oh wait, nevermind, that was before the sugar. They're just little monkeys by nature, I guess.

cake time. just look at all those [mostly] sweet and handsome faces.

and who knew bitty babies looked so dadgum cute in party hats. I melt. also, those two are my two big lipped/big mouthed children. the other three have regular sized mouths. ahem. i love it.

Happy Birthday to my sweet two year old boy. who is destructive, a tiny tornado, and so full of pure unfiltered, innocent joy. You make us smile every single day. We love you so much.

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  1. that's too cute! My friend, who also has 5 children, always celebrate it at home, with just family. I think it's easier that way, bu also more memorable. And you do such a great job of documenting that.


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