Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Top Ten 11.02.2012

1. Well. My honey left my camera bag in his office again today. [sad face]. really, it's okay though. I'll get it tomorrow. because....

2. I have my first real photo shoot in over a year tomorrow. Then another one next weekend. I'm so excited. (also, I will put my simple moments post up tomorrow).

3. Brennen's face and head got beat up today. Cuts, bumps, and bruises. Oh the life of boys.

4. I try really hard to just be honest and be who I am. I struggle so much everyday. I realize that if I miss my thyroid meds for the day, it affects me. I notice when I don't miss it at all, I feel so much better. I have such horrible days because I am my own worst enemy. I also have beautiful days, like today. But I try to be real. I hope and pray I never come off fake and as someone I'm not. In fact, if you ask me how I am and I've had a bad day, I probably won't answer with "good" or "great."

5. Greyson can always cheer me up. Oh my geez, he's so cute. I always think back to when each of the other boys were his age and just remember how in love I was with them as babies. How my love grew for them every day and with each new thing they did. My boys are so special. Rotten. But special.

6. My house is a wreck. Text before you come. It's that bad.

7. Wishing for a date night. like soonly.

8. Greyson is supposed to be asleep. He just woke up.

9. I'm a human pacifier. Baby boy doesn't like anything else, not even his thumb.

10. Tomorrow I will be doing laundry and hopefully cleaning. And I'd like to start cleaning and patching the garage walls to be painted. My washer and dryer are out there and I'd really like for it to be a nice space if I have to be in there so much.

I'm off to pacify my sweet smiley baby.

Happy weekend to you.


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