Friday, November 9, 2012

simple moments :: week 4

My husband has been using my camera at work a lot lately. He loves it for the video aspect. He likes it better than his actual video cameras. I'm okay with that. even if it hinders what I wanna do. No big really.  It just makes me late on this again this week.

Imagination. I love watching my kids use their imaginations. I love when they play. It's probably the biggest reason I limit their screen time so much. So they will play. and imitate.

I love how engrossed he is in what he's doing. He played with that bear and car seat for so long.

Kids imitate us so often that it's important for me to watch what I say and do, even though sometimes I forget little eyes and ears are on us.

I love this boy and how sweet his little heart can be. Even if sometimes he's a mess and mean as heck.

simple moments :: more weeks


  1. I learned that the hard and funny way! The kids imitate for sure!

  2. OhH, PS. I love your new header! COLOR!


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