Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas morning 2012

here's your warning: there are eleventy million photos below.

every year since my first baby's first Christmas, i have plopped them all down in front of the tree to do a traditional photo. some year's they cooperate, some not so much. 

this year was not so bad, however. 
here they are, squished together.

note b's crazy laughing below:

aaaaand, we're done.

after photos, we always read the Christmas story from Luke.

below: b was shaking his head back and forth while grey tried to figure out what was going on. 
big kids were so into the story, even after hearing it so many times. i love that.

this was happening during the reading, too. i melt.

then it's time to pass out presents. we always pass them out to everyone before they can start opening.

i was very impressed with b's patience! see also: static cling hair.

gimme dat present!

then they opened and opened and opened and rejoiced and hollered and jumped and all the children in the land were happy.

the kids got lots of together gifts this year. so then they opened all of those and were quite excited.

and, yes, i'll admit, that mom and dad might have been playing kinect more than the boys. maybe. 
it's kinda fun, you know.

greyson is just along for the ride.

face plant!! 
he's way to excited about that piece of hardware that holds the kinect to the tv.

paper was obviously his favorite.

and then the biggie. i am so happy santa brought this. 
they just haven't stayed outside since moving here and leaving our broken trampoline behind.
it also doesn't help that we have zero trees in our yard.

stockings were next.

babies are so easy. some linky-doos. a mini taggie. and some wooden teethers 
(not that he's teething yet). simple. and he's darn happy about it all.
he also got books, but he'll love those when he's older.

our Christmas was so blessed in so many ways. our whole completed family. we spent our first Christmas as a family of seven. it was pretty amazing. there was a point in time where we could not do all this for our boys, even when we only had two small boys. being able to provide things our kids want and need is so special. it's a huge blessing from the Lord. where we've come from and where we are now has been a huge journey, full of change, hardships, good times, and growth.

i love and adore my family. my heart is full of gratitude as i look back on this last week.

i truly hope your holiday was full of blessing. now let's ring in this new year!

also...embrace the grain.


  1. I love that Toby is wearing a "Vader is Coming" t-shirt while reading the Christmas story. HA!!

  2. LOL! Were those undies or socks? :D

    You totally captured the chaos and the fun. All those boys and the energy!

    And really... grain? What grain? ;)

  3. embrace the grain. LOL! Love it. Your filters are so beautiful on your pictures! Like Jess said, you captured the chaos beautifully!


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