Friday, December 28, 2012

friday's top ten 12.28.2012

1. santa brought the boys a trampoline. and i'm pretty sure it was more for me, as it will keep them outside for longer. santa also got a them kinect for xbox. also pretty sure dad and i played it more than they did yesterday. ahem. santa chose a lot of together gifts this year.
2. greyson is thisclose to not only sitting, but crawling. thisclose. and he's a happy kid. always smiling, unless he's hungry or tired. or poopy. but i'm so thankful that my last baby is a happy baby. it could have gone the other way, and i'm grateful it didn't.
3. i also love that we can make him laugh without having to tickle him now. that's always fun. i love when they laugh just because what they see is silly to them. peek-a-boo is now a fun game.

4. jonyn basically called brennen a girl last night. they were in the tub and i poured water over b's hair and the length is almost mid back when wet. jo saw this and said, "b is you, mom!" that translates into b has girl hair. *sigh, even my own kids are calling him a girl. the time for a cut is getting closer and closer. maybe.
5. wassail is my most favorite holiday tradition. i love it so much that i always make a double batch and sip on it for days. i have about one more cup left and will probably polish it off tonight after dinner.
6. we make breakfast a lot around here. it really doesn't matter what time of day it is. breakfast is always a winner.

7. i never make resolutions. never. but this year, i am making one.
8. my mom is getting married!! and i love her beau. and i'm getting a brother and sister out of the deal. i'm pretty pumped about it all.
9. i will be packing away the Christmas stuff tomorrow morning. we've been too busy hanging out together that i haven't even bothered with it. but tomorrow is the day. we haven't had our stuff up for very long, so it's not bothering me as much this year as it has in year's past.
10. taylan and kanyon's auntie kyla and uncle jared got them a tv for Christmas this year, so we put it and the wii in their room, as well as a dvd player. they are kinda loving it. and i don't even think they realize they can now get netflix in there. that'll be like Christmas all over again.

happy weekend friends.

please note: photos are not related to this post but are adorable in nature, so late night greyson cuteness was a necessary appearance on this blog. thank you for understanding.

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  1. Our Wii plays Netflix, but no games. Seems the twins jacked it up. I can only color and wrestle for so long. ;)


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