Saturday, December 1, 2012

just some thoughts.

hi friends. wanna know something? i lack inspiration + motivation lately. who can relate? i build these blog posts in my head, i snap a photo in my head. and there it all stays. in my head. lately, we've had some sicklies in the house, myself included. aside from that, i am having a super hard time finding time to stop and blog, to stop and snap a photo, to stop and read books. i feel like there is always something to do around here. i just feel like my mom job is never done and (when i'm not sick) i feel like i go from sun up to sun down and beyond.

i wanna be a morning person, bright and chipper when i wake up. i wanna get up early. and most days i do. but now my goal, once i'm healthy again, is to be up at 5am, to Bible read, pray, unload the dishes, start some laundry, and blog or edit or browse or something of the sort.

it's difficult to do the things *i* love and desire to do with a baby and little tiny tornadoes running around destroying everything in their paths. someday, though. right? one of these days i'll be able to be all crafty and bloggy, and then i'll be dreaming of days gone when little feet ran around and little hands made messes.

i'm trying to be intentional about loving on my kids and being encouraging and not being so harsh. i think i'm making progress, it feels like it.

hopefully, inspiration, motivation, and passion will return soon. i think i hit a wall about this time every year. i'm just going to look forward to the rest of the holidays and maybe put up the tree tonight. we'll see.

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  1. Oh Brooke, so many mama's feel your 'pain' {it's not really pain, I know it, but that's how the saying goes} I feel ya I feel ya. :) sending you some good vibes!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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