Wednesday, December 19, 2012

my kid was cranky

you guys, there is so much on my exhausted mind. the baby was particularly cranky last night. i held him for hours. i tried the jumper, the floor, the play mat, a nap, the boob, the bumbo. i tried all my tricks. he just wanted to be held. or to cry. and i posted my cranky-baby photos on instagram. someone told me that someday i'd miss the cranky baby days. but no, i won't. i mean, there was a short stage in my life where babies didn't exist in my home. and i never once thought... i miss when they were cranky babies. i know i thought... i wish i could hold them as babies one more time and sniff their head. but i don't miss the days when i couldn't soothe my babies. i don't like those days with this baby. they make me feel horrible. why would i miss days that make me feel horrible?
greyson took a 20 minute nap last nap and then stayed up til 11:45. then woke up eleventy times to nurse. i won't miss that. and today, i'm exhausted. i was exhausted last night so i didn't shower, i just climbed into bed after my night owl finally went to sleep and so today will be a no shower day. i won't miss not showering either. i also won't miss having to stay in bed because the baby is nursing. i like getting up before the kids, but if the baby is eating, that's a no go. i was being used as a pacifier this morning and all i could thing was... okay, kid, i want the boob back. so when i finally tried to do a boob to paci switcheroo, he woke up.
usually greyson is such a happy baby, rolling everywhere, doing the precrawl rocking on hands and knees, chatting it up, or jumping madly in the jumper. he's even happy to play in his bed. so the crankiness is unusual and will not be missed when he's bigger. they just gain more attitude as they get bigger. and the crankiness is still there, it's just expressed a little differently than needing to be held and crying like babies do.
i also don't (and won't) miss when the boys fought (and still fight) as toddlers/preschoolers. oh my. no i will not. they are doing this as we speak i type.
this week is our last week of school for two weeks. i'm so relieved, even though we just took over two weeks off last month for traveling and sickness. i have so much i want to get done during those weeks.... paint the bathroom, make some belated gifts, make copies of the rest of the year's school work, paint my toenails, edit photos, blog more (i miss my blog space), and start getting the garage in order and ready to paint. i want the laundry area in there to look pretty and be more functional and the rest of the garage needs storage and will turn into a little science lab for taylan. i love how much he loves science. it's so obvious already that his future will hold some type of science as an adult. i love that, i really love that.
so hey, i'm cranky today, my kids appear to be cranky today. i've been trying to catch up on the overwhelming amount of laundry we accumulated while i was sick. it's frustrating as crap that i can't seem to get it done lately. i want to be caught back up. and yes, it's possible to be caught up on laundry with seven people in the house. i found myself caught up and staying on top of it, but during the being sick thing, it got behind and i can't seem to get it all done again.
so i'm stressed. i'm ready for december to be over. i'm ready for our Christmas break. i'm ready to sleep again and feel like a human. my head gets so fuzzy when i don't sleep. i'm ready for greyson to go to bed at a normal time consistently. i'm not a cry it out mom, so no, i will not just stick him in bed and listen to his sad cries and pretend like that's okay. one day, though, he'll be consistent. until then, i'll just continue to snuggle him in bed at night until he's ready to lay down.
i love my boys. even if i do go a little crazy because of them. most of the time, it's fun being a mom of boys.

note: i didn't proofread, good luck with reading my typos. i'm tired. and thanks for sticking out the reading. i kinda rambled a lot. 


  1. Yep, that is real life. I hear you!

  2. A few weeks ago I posted about the, "you'll miss it when it's gone" comments. Nope, somethings you won't miss. ;)


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