Monday, December 31, 2012

putting it out there. goals.

i usually never ever make resolutions. i can't remember a single year of my life where i made a new year's resolution. i was never sure there would even be a year i would make them.

but, friends, this is that year. the year i make some resolutions that i am going to call goals from here on out.

brooke's 2013 goals:
  • get healthy (drop 20lbs by mar. 25 and impress my doctor that day)
  • date nights twice a month with my boys, one kid at a time.
  • expand and grow my business, starting with 3 sessions each month consistently
  • print more photos
  • pray more and do it consistently
  • be an early riser :: 5am (in bed at 10)
  • make a come-over-anytime friend (perhaps actually meet a sahm in this town? do they even exist here?)
  • finish my Christmas shopping/crafting by nov. 1
  • do more crafts!
  • watch my spending
  • get in photos more often, like weekly
  • keep up with my personal photo project, simple moments, each and every week (i'd love you to join me)
  • blog more, and participate in photo link-ups more often
  • read 24 books minimum (so i have to turn the tv off more often)
  • be more patient and less angry in tough situations. < that's a biggie
  • shoot my family daily. with a camera. or nerf darts. it could go either way.
  • grow a garden
  • finish painting projects around the house.
this is a year of no babies or pregnancies. except greyson, but he's past the newborn stage. even though he's been marathon nursing at night and making it impossible to sleep well. but no babies means i will be able to do more. i won't feel so run down. and i should sleep better. that is, if grey will stop using me as a paci all night long. 

so there's the starter list, i'm sure i'll think of more things to add. but this is my jumping off point. i'm feeling very committed, very motivated.

thinking back to last year, all i wanted was to feel better emotionally and mentally. i was in such a terrible place that all i wanted to come out of 2012 was healing. it was my one word for this past year. i do believe the healing has come. that dark pit has been climbed out of and covered up with the love and grace of Jesus.

this year, my word is joy. i want to find joy in everything. i want to be a joy-filled Jesus girl who radiates His love. i want to spread joy through my family, through all those that i cross paths with.

so good-bye 12, you were the year my heart healed, and i will always be thankful. and hello, 13, you are the year i find my pure, unadulterated joy. and share it with the world.

happy new year's friends. i hope your year is blessed beyond measure.


  1. What a fantastic post and a fantastic list of goals!! :) Best of luck!!

  2. I think this is a fantastic list!
    I'd totally have you over all the time if we lived in the same town. I'd love to chat with you.
    Be more patient and less angry - me too. Maybe we can support each other long distance in some way with this one?...Praying, writing, I don't know...just an idea.
    I'd love to join you with the simple moments posts - maybe not every week, but every once in awhile. :)
    And I just really love your word for the year.
    Joy. Couldn't we all use some more time spent on this one!
    Happy New Year, far away friend!

  3. ooh I would love to do a weekly photo project! That would make me try harder at my photography! BTW, I love that you've lived by ONE word all year. I'm too indecisive to choose just one. yours is pretty awesome though.

  4. Awesome!!! I'm laughing that we both refuse to use the word resolution but use goals instead :) I wish so much we lived in the same town :)

    and I'm SO GLAD your word for this year can be joy!!! :)yay God!


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