Thursday, December 13, 2012

simple moments :: week 5

yes, i have obviously missed a week or many. but it's okay, isn't it? this day has been so long. so long. i just confessed to setting the clocks up an hour to get the kidlets in bed early. all i've wanted to do is clean this blasted house since we got back from oklahoma. on the 28th of november. yep, it's been so super messy ever since. like, embarrassingly so. once it gets to this point, i literally need a day to do nothing but clean. and the mess is stressing me out so much more.

so i'm sitting here, knowing i'd want to write in my space by day's end, thinking...what is there to remember this week? it's been so hard the past three-ish weeks.

but there are things, good things.

belly laughs
silly greyson faces
huge greyson smiles
tears-falling-down-the-face laughs
a little extra money i didn't expect
clean clothes, even if barely
food on the table
sweet sweet people in our lives
aha moments during school
my choice to homeschool
God's faithfulness
crazy goofy weirdo kidlets
the best husband
sweet kisses
bear hugs
jonyn's first human shaped drawings
blessed nap times
fires in the fireplace
greyson learning to get on his hands and knees and rock
greyson turning five months on the 8th
sweet christmas cards
sweet friends
fun christmas parties
getting the tree up
getting greyson's stocking
fun mail

good things have happened. it just takes me looking for the simply sweet things to see it. and now, i feel my spirits are lifted just a bit by seeing this partial list and being able to thank God for His blessings.

i'm still tired. but tomorrow is a new day as always, and He brings new blessings each day, we just have to wait and watch.

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